Learning Support

We have a range of educational options to support students with special learning needs which require additional support.

Every student is entitled to attend a NSW public school. If our school is your local school and your first preference, we suggest you talk to our Principal to discuss your child’s needs and options.

Following your discussion, their learning needs can be assessed so that decisions can be made about how to best meet your child’s learning needs. Possible options may include:

  • In a mainstream class with additional support
  • In a special education class at a mainstream school
  • In a special education setting at a SSP school

Parents/carers play a vital role in their child’s learning and are included in the decision making regarding meeting additional learning needs.

Additional Learning Support at Waniora includes:

  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students identified as having additional learning needs and requiring support
  • Minilit and Multilit  - Literacy Groups
  • Reading Recovery
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • School counsellor
  • Students Learning Support Officers  (SLSO)

Multi-Categorical  (MC) Class

At Waniora we currently have a MC class which catered for students with a diverse range of special needs.

After enrolment we will work with you and your child to continually review their learning needs at each stage of their education.

  • Enrolling in school

Starting a new school is a big step for all students and their families. If you are thing about enrolment, we can help you with your child’s transition to our school. Please make an appointment to discuss your child’s enrolment with our Principal.

You might like to use our school locator to research mainstream schools, schools with special education classes and special educational schools in our region. It is important to be aware that placement outside of our school will need to be done with the assistance of our regional team.

  • Already at school

If you concerns about your child’s development or progress at school, or if they have special learning needs which have changed, please contact the principal, so that we can discuss the best options for meeting your child’s needs.

  • Transition Planning for Kindergarten

Kindergarten students and their parents have the opportunity to participate in an orientation program during the last term of school the year prior to kindergarten students starting school. Individual transition programs can be designed for students with special needs. Please arrange a meeting with the principal to discuss the needs of your child.

  • Transition to High School

Year 6 students are able to participate in a transition to high School program during their final year of primary school. Students with special needs are catered for with individual transition to High School programs.