Multi-Categorical Class

Multi Categorical classOverview


Our MC Class caters for the individual needs of students who have difficulty learning in a mainstream environment on a full time basis. Students can range from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students with special needs work to individual learning programs that are aligned with mainstream Key Learning areas. The MC class has a full time classroom teacher and full time SLSO

Multi Categorical classCurriculum Overview


The children will be involved in activities covering the areas of English, Maths, Physical Education, Health and Personal Development, Science, HSIE and Creative and Practical Arts. Technology is included in all learning areas where appropriate. The new English curriculum is modified to meet the needs of individual students. Students in the MC class have the opportunity to integrate with mainstream classes where possible for whole school activities, excursions, sport and classroom activities.

Excursions and Community Access

These will relate to units of work being studied by the children and will be conducted throughout the year.


Theatre Production: Fifty-Two Story Tree House by Andy Griffith Discovery Centre at the University of Wollongong